Rast Hotel Sultanahmet

Sustainability Policy


The characteristics we look for in our employees are; They must have the education, experience and competencies required by the position, as well as personality traits that are compatible with our corporate culture and values.

To create and disseminate policies that will ensure the establishment of honest, transparent, fair, respectful and trust-based relationships.

To select and develop our dynamic and professional human resources among candidates who are suitable for the corporate culture and goals.

As a business that invests and values people, to establish and manage systems that are constantly monitored and improved regarding occupational health and safety.

To organize trainings that will serve the goals of our business and the personal development of our staff and to measure their effectiveness.


In our business, we are aware that we come together, respecting each other’s rights and different opinions, regardless of gender, language, religion, ethnicity or age. We consider it our fundamental responsibility to treat all our employees fairly, regardless of their sexual preferences, age, gender, origins, beliefs or any disability. In this framework, we learn, grow together and offer personal and professional development opportunities.


As a business, we are committed to keeping children’s safety and happiness at the highest level.

It is our primary responsibility to know them as individuals, respect their rights, and protect and protect them against all kinds of psychological, physical and commercial exploitation.


We have been entitled to receive the “Zero Waste” certificate with the meticulous work we have done to protect the environment and natural resources since our establishment in 1985.

As a business, we protect the environment, prevent its pollution, and aim to reduce our negative effects on the environment.


As a business, we know our geography and local society well, respect their historical values and traditions, and work to contribute to their economic, social and cultural development.


Our group supports gender equality.

For this;

We ensure the health, safety and welfare of all our employees, regardless of gender.

We support women’s participation in the workforce in all our departments.

We act with the policy of equal pay for equal work, regardless of gender.

We distribute tasks by taking into account the principle of equality.

We provide the necessary environment to benefit from career opportunities equally.

We create education policies and support women’s participation and raising awareness.

We create work environments and practices that maintain work-family life balance.

We support women to be in company management.


We aim to improve the working life and the service we offer in our business day by day, to ensure its continuity, to offer added value to the economy while doing this, and to be recognized as a brand that is inspired by competition and communicates effectively with all its stakeholders.


We aim to make steady progress in digitalization while maintaining our social communication ability, one of the most important advantages of our industry. We believe that digital transformation will make significant contributions to our corporate growth and business culture by increasing the speed of our infrastructure, increasing efficiency, ensuring security, and strengthening data and analysis capabilities. In addition, we aim to provide better service to customers by strengthening our business continuity, keeping up with the times, and improving our service quality.


In order to protect information assets, we create a framework that evaluates the confidentiality, integrity and accessibility effects of information within the “Information Security Management System”. We develop and implement controls by determining risk acceptance criteria and identifying risks.