Welcome to Rast Hotel Istanbul

We welcome you to the best hotel in Istanbul! Here, you’ll find all the comfort and luxury which you were craving. Our centrally located hotel will make it easier for you to access the most popular tourist attractions of Istanbul. We are among the Istanbul old city hotels and if you are searching for a luxury hotel for a reasonable price, you are at the right place. One of the reasons why we are known to be one of Istanbul’s finest hotels is because we provide unmatched services and once you become our customer, you will want to keep coming back to us every time you visit Istanbul. Here’s what we offer our esteemed guests.

The Real Experience in Our Boutique Hotel in Istanbul

We know that you have come to Istanbul to see all the beautiful sights and to experience the environment which was shared by the royalty of the city. This is the reason why this hotel will provide you with everything from luxurious rooms to spas on your visit. Don’t make the mistake of just staying at any hotel because you won’t find the authenticity that is present at the Rast hotel Istanbul. Read several of our online reviews which have been written by our previous guests and you’ll know just what you can expect.

Hospitable Staff and The best hotel in Istanbul

Turkey is well known for its friendly and hospitable people. And you’ll be greeted to this hospitability right when you enter our hotel doors. Our staff members have been carefully handpicked and trained so you are left with no complaints. Our hotel reception is always available to you and you can ask anything you like about the hotel or even the places where you can visit in Istanbul. If you book with this boutique hotel in Istanbul, you will find out exactly what makes us the best hotel. We encourage our guests to tell us about any problems which they may be facing because your satisfaction is our utmost priority and we will try our best to sort out all your issues to the best of our capabilities.

Unmatched Luxury hotel in Istanbul

A lot of different people interpret the word ‘luxury’ differently. For us, providing you with luxury means making you feel like you are on the top of this world. For this reason, we pamper you until you feel like the emperors and sultans of Istanbul. Our luxury hotel in Istanbul will offer you much more than just a warm bed because we believe in spoiling you so you can enjoy your vacation as much as possible.

Browse through our website and view the several room options which we have. Remember that you can also make special requests if you are a honeymoon couple because we will be happy to arrange things according to your preference. Make sure you book with us at your earliest convenience because if you delay, we may not have any rooms left.

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