Restaurant & Cafe

Though there are many restaurants in Istanbul, not all provide authentic views and magnificent views. The restaurants and cafes inside the Rast hotel are decorated with Turkish tables and chairs so you can feel the culture when you are enjoying your breakfast, lunch or dinner. We have ensured that our staff members take special care of you so the experience of hospitability is present throughout your trip. When you eat at our restaurant, you won’t just be enjoying the food but the view as well.

Why We Have the Best Restaurants in Istanbul?

Our chefs’ offers only offer the best food to guests. Because we wish to tantalize your taste buds and want you to visit our restaurant throughout your vacation, we make sure that you are served hot food with the freshest of produce. Our kitchen management is especially experienced because we want you to know why we are the best turkey restaurant.

The dishes that we serve are from the authentic ottoman cuisine and if tasting great food was one of the reasons why you visited Istanbul, then our restaurants will give you an experience you will not forget. Apart from kebabs and other Turkish food, we also provide a continental cuisine so you can even try that for a little variety.

So start your day with our breakfast filled with jams, cheese and flans and end the day’s activities with the perfect main course and a cup of the infamous Turkish coffee.

Why the Best Restaurant in Istanbul Turkey is the Ideal Place to Eat?

The Rast hotel is located in the Sultanahmet area; this means that it lies in the center of Istanbul and you can take in the views of the beautiful and historical Bosphorus. We understand that when you are vacationing, most of the point of eating outside the room is to enjoy the view and that is exactly what we offer. You can choose to sit inside or outside the restaurants in Turkey which we have and the food will taste all the more divine.

Our staff members are specifically trained to provide you with the utmost satisfaction so you can ask them about any item on the menu and make special requests and we’ll try to make it possible to the best of our capabilities.

Our best restaurants Istanbul are open 24/7 for coffees, teas and soft drinks and you can request them if you want a beverage right before going to bad or are in need of a soft drink while watching a movie in your room.

If you would like to know more about our restaurants in Istanbul Turkey and what we offer, you can contact us through the email or phone. So make sure you book a room soon so you can benefit from all the traditional and authentic Turkish food which our guests are able to enjoy when visiting.