Suite Room

Suite Room

The best set of rooms that the Rast hotel has for you are the affordable suite room for rent in Istanbul. These are not just luxurious rooms but also provide a great view of The Bosphorus. One of the great things about staying at this hotel is that because it has a central location, your room will overlook the famous monuments in the Sultanahmet area like the Blue Mosque, Haghia Sophia and the Princes’ Islands. These rooms are bigger than the standard, double and triple rooms and have some additional features which you won’t find in the other rooms.

Most Affordable Suite Rooms in Istanbul

One of the biggest concerns that honeymoon couples and other guests have is the cost of the room where they plan to stay. Because we know that there is a lot to explore inside the city and many monuments to see, we understand that you’ll need to stay with us for a longer time. This is why we offer great rates that are affordable and ideal for couples and families traveling on a budget. Here are a couple of things which you will find in these suite rooms for rent in hotel Istanbul.

• Room styled with ottoman era styled furniture which will make you feel like loyalty when you step in from all the sightseeing of the day.
• Large, king-sized beds with extra comfortable mattresses which will help you sleep better at night or in the afternoon. You can also ask the front desk for extra pillows if you need any.
• Wide flat screen LCD television combined with cable and satellite system so you can browse channels and watch a movie, soap or series of your choice.
• Fully stocked minibar and electric kettle with tea and coffee making facilities so you don’t have to call service every time you want a drink.
• Arm chairs and a medium sized coffee table so you can either enjoy a lunch/dinner inside your room or just sit down when you don’t feel like lying down on the bed.
• The balconies outside the room also have tables and chairs along with an umbrella so you can even decide to have breakfast outside and enjoy the Bosphorus view on a day when the weather is especially pleasant.
• These suites rooms in Istanbul are at the top of the building and the view combined with the en-suite bathrooms will make you feel like you are on the top of the world.
• The bathrooms are equipped with the latest bathtubs and facilities so you can have relaxed showers and baths.

Book a Suite Room Right Away

Our booking engine is extremely simple and user friendly. It’ll take you mere minutes to book and confirm your suite room. So don’t wait because these rooms are always in demand and you might lose it if you don’t make a decision and book right away.