Double Room

Double Room

Double rooms for rent in hotel Istanbul are ideal for families with children as well as couples. When you are booking the room with us, you either have the choice of taking a French bed or twin beds. The French bed is ideal for couples while the twin beds are best for two children or adults travelling together. The double room is also coupled with an elegant yet modern balcony and French doors which will let in the day’s refreshing air.

What you’ll find in Our Double Rooms in Istanbul?

Unlike other hotels in Istanbul which have double or twin rooms and only offer a bed or other necessary things, we promise to provide you with anything which you may require. This affordable double room for rent in Istanbul is furnished with polished and properly kept ottoman furniture which completes the look and feel of the luscious Rast hotel itself. So if you also want to experience the life of the royals, you should surely choose this room and hotel for your stay.

Here are some of the features that the rooms are equipped with.

• An LCD television and satellite system where you can watch all the movies you like when you are tired of the day’s activities.
• A fully facilitated bathroom with special pressure shower heads which you can use to relieve the stress and exhaustion of the day. The bathroom also has a hair dryer so you don’t have to go out with wet or dripping hair.
• The best double rooms for rent in Istanbul hotel also have a smoke detector as well as an extinguisher system which will be extremely handy in case of emergencies.
• The safety box and electronic keycard are provided so you don’t need to worry about any security or safety issues. If you have bought along a laptop, important documents or gadgets, you can easily store these inside the safe box provided and be at the peace of mind that they are stored safely.
• You are also offered a fully stocked minibar as well as an electric kettle with coffee/tea making supplies. You can use these whenever you feel the need for a cup of tea/coffee or are craving for a soda or juice when watching a movie.
• The double rooms in Istanbul also have an air conditioner which you can use during the hot weather and a heating system which will help during the colder months.

Book Double Rooms in Istanbul

Our hotel greets guests throughout the year. This is why it is important that if you want a double room with us, you book in advance. Our booking engine is extremely efficient, easy to use and will book your room within minutes. This means that you don’t need to wait for the page to load or figure out a way to use the software. So book your double rooms in Istanbul right away and benefit from these features.